4-Watt Cold Laser Therapy Treatments


Chiropractic is the most effective system available for getting rid of subluxations fast. And, it normalizes homeostasis by relieving mechanical and all of the side effects that go with it. However, it does very little to stimulate the natural healing processes of the body. Lasers have been documented to be anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stimulate tissue healing of virtually all tissues in the body. That means that lasers CAN STIMULATE HEALING in the nervous, neuromusculoskeletal, and organ systems. That is an amazing statement, but it has been proven in thousands of studies performed all over the world.

How do lasers support the chiropractic adjustment?

One of a chiropractor’s main goals is to get rid of subluxations and all of the attendant side effects that accompany the problem. We all know that there can be mechanical, neurological and endocrine problems that accompany subluxations. Laser is the ONLY CHIROPRACTIC PROCEDURE that we know of that objectively and dramatically stimulates the healing of the nervous and endocrine systems to support the chiropractic adjustment.

How do lasers help the chiropractic patient?

Patients often do not understand the importance of getting rid of subluxations. But, they do know that their problems create pain. They also know that, in the long run, they feel better when they are well adjusted. However, the primary motivating force that encourages a patient to return to their chiropractor’s office for treatment is the RELIEF OF PAIN. There is no other modality that provides instant pain relief. Once the patient feels relief, the doctor has their attention. This causes the patient to focus on how they feel. What they notice is they HEAL FASTER after a laser treatment. This rapid healing and pain relief is tremendous for providing short and long term pain relief.

What are lasers being used for in chiropractic?

Presently, most doctors use lasers only for pain relief. This is a BIG MISTAKE. Most doctors of chiropractic do not realize that there is proof, a lot of this coming out of HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, that there are two types of strong effects from laser, short term pain relief and the stimulation of healing. However, to achieve each of these effects that way the laser is used is VERY DIFFERENT. Most DCs don’t realize that they must treat differently for pain relief versus stimulation of healing.

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