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We're excited to share our ASA Balancing System that can provide stressor relief for seasonal, food and environmental stressors without drugs or shots!

Are you suffering from?
(Itchy skin, sneezing, skin rashes, wheezing, food reactions, runny nose)

(“ASA Balancing System”)
to balance your boy.


Our staff is specially trained in the use of the ASA Balancing System, a holistic alternative for eliminating stresses in the body. This advanced technology provides an effective, fast, and painless procedure (without needles or drugs) for relief of seasonal, food, and environmental stressors. The number of treatments you will need depends on your age and the degree of the stressors, but can range from one to three treatments for minor or primary cases, and more chronic cases are generally resolved within 13 visits.

How does it work?
Stressors are nothing more than an inappropriate response to something that is perfectly harmless. Your body sees an ordinary substance as foreign and attacks it sending you into an allergic reaction of red, itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and trouble breathing. It is essentially an error in the body's immune system where it does anything it can to combat this "bad, foreign" substance. But this substance is perfectly harmless. What's worse is now a new association is turned into an en-grained pathway in your nervous system which will associate that substance as a foreign object from there on out. It is a substance/association error that is made and learned by your nervous system. An example of this is when you eat a normally harmless food and it makes you sick afterward. (eggs for example) You get sick and you know what happens (no details necessary here). Your body will associate the sickness with the food that you ate so that most likely even months to years down the road even the sight or smell of eggs will make you nauseous and even a little sick. But eggs are not the problem. It's the incorrect association that your nervous system has made that's the problem.

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